“Yes Campaign remarks are a disgusting slur,” McGrath



Independent TD Mattie McGrath has said comments by Dr Maureen Gaffney, which compared the No Campaign to Nazism have exposed a reprehensible attitude of contempt beneath the Yes Campaigns veneer of liberal tolerance. Deputy McGrath made his remarks as another eminent psychologist Prof Patricia Casey called for the immediate withdrawal of the comments:

“To draw such a comparison while at the same time claiming that it is the No side which is engaging in a politics of fear is almost laughably pathetic.

For Dr Gaffney to draw an exact parallel between the murderous Nazi regime and honest, conscientious No voters is despicable and must be immediately withdrawn and apologised for.

I think there are some on the Yes side who are mistaking an apparent consensus as a licence to make these kind of outrageous characterisations of the No Campaign.

In many ways this kind of crude and nonsensical language is a reflection of the panic which must be setting in as the No vote continues to draw support for its position, because when you don’t have an argument its just much simpler to call people names, ” concluded Deputy McGrath.



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