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Threat to South Tipp General A&E will not be tolerated” McGrath

South Tipp General Hospital


Independent TD Mattie McGrath has called for immediate clarification on the future status of the emergency department at South Tipperary General Hospital (STGH). Deputy McGrath was speaking after it was reported in the Sunday Business Post that the department at STGH was among 9 units being considered for closure in the unpublished Report of the Trauma Steering Group:

“Any proposal to remove the A&E by stealth or downgrade it’s services will be vigorously resisted.

It is inconceivable that closure of a vital local and regional department like the one operating at STGH is even being considered.

Already there are attempts being made to spin this as an opportunity for STGH to focus on the provision of other services; but that kind of tactical approach will no longer carry any weight.

The Minister must make it absolutely clear that there is a commitment at the highest levels to not only retain existing services but to improve upon them.

We know that what STGH needs is increased bed capacity, infrastructure funding and expanded staff provision.

What it does not need is to be listed in some obscure Report that will only manage to generate confusion and uncertainty for the thousands of patients who depend on the A&E at South Tipp General,” concluded Deputy McGrath.


Health Local Issues Press Releases

“Health policy in crisis as Minister blames hospital staff,” McGrath


Independent TD Mattie McGrath has said that the persistence of the trolley crisis in hospital A&E Departments is the clearest evidence yet of the failure of the Governments approach to tackling the issue. Deputy McGrath was speaking as South Tipperary General Hospital again recorded over twenty patients on trolleys within its Emergency Department facility:

“As we begin 2016 it is clear that Minister Varadkar’s so called solution to this problem will be just as ineffective as his 2015 strategy.

He is presiding over a mounting crisis while at the same time blaming and levelling accusations at any hospital personnel who dare to question his less than realistic view of the scale of the problem.

The nurses are about to strike; there are a paltry 31 Social Care workers for Elder Abuse in the entire Country, the HSE has in a despicable move cut all respite transport for residents at Cluain Arran in Tipperary and yet this Minister thinks everything is improving?

We also know now thanks to Minister Kathleen Lynch that there were and are major divisions within both government parties with respect to the introduction of the free GP Care plan for Under 6’s.

All of this points to a government and a Minister for Health who is more concerned both with his public image and glossing over the enormous strains that exist in the HSE.

Clearly the establishment of the new Emergency Department Taskforce has done nothing to stem the tide of patients on trolleys despite a revised escalation policy which was specifically designed to assist with such overcrowding,” concluded Deputy McGrath.

Health Local Issues Press Releases

“Review of South Tipp General highlights staff dedication,” McGrath

01-10-2015South Tipp General Hospital

Independent TD Mattie McGrath has said that a Review of the governance of maternity services at South Tipperary General published yesterday by the HSE points to the national rather than local failures which are affecting the Hospital. Deputy McGrath was speaking after the Review strongly recommended that South Tipperary General could no longer operate financially or clinically as a stand alone entity within the Health Service:

“This Review comes on the back of the 2013 Higgins Report recommendations, which dealt with South Tipp Generals place in any possible reconfiguration within the existing hospital group structure.

I broadly welcomed those recommendations to the extent that they created the possibility of achieving greater clinical excellence by aligning our Hospital with Cork University Hospital.

This Review however points to the amazing work that the South Tipp General and staff are managing to perform in the context of a severe degradation of budget resources and staff depletion over the last number of years.

I am delighted to read that the Review is highly complementary of the current interim General Manager and that it also acknowledges the individuals running the maternity unit as doing a remarkable job in a hand to mouth financial environment. Certainly there are aspects of the Review that need to be urgently addressed at the structural level, as well as pointing in the obvious need to attract more senior consultants to the Maternity Service;.

Overall however the recommendations of the Review are not saying anything new. We are all aware that effective partnership and a focus on achieving the best clinical outcomes are what everyone wants.

What must be stressed however is the need to reach these goals without compromising the existence of the Maternity service at South Tipp General. Reconfiguration and partnership must increase services, not diminish them at the local level,” concluded Deputy McGrath.

Health Local Issues Press Releases

“South Tipp General fully deserve this great award,” McGrath

South Tipp General Hospital


Independent TD Mattie McGrath has extended his sincere congratulations to the maternity staff at South Tipperary General Hospital (STGH) after it achieved a prestigious Baby Friendly Hospital status award. The award, which is part of the global programme of the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) reflects magnificently on the hospitals efforts to implement best practice in maternity services and provide an environment that supports breastfeeding as the norm:

“This is a wonderful piece of news for the staff and patients of STGH who have come to depend on the professionalism and care of the maternity services at the hospital.

At a the time when the hospital is facing continuing challenges in so many areas, this is one piece of great news that we can all compliment and be proud of.

The award is a clear indication of the esteem which the maternity unit at the hospital is held in both locally and nationally.

I know from my own families experience that the staff are second to none when it comes to offering compassionate and dedicated care.

I also want to thank Dr Genevieve Becker, National Co-ordinator for the Baby Friendly Health Initiative (BFHI) for presenting the award and Peter Power, Executive Director, Unicef Ireland, who both offered gracious words with respect to STGH’s commitment to giving our children the best possible nutritional start in life,” concluded Deputy McGrath.


Health Local Issues Press Releases

“Radiology infrastructure crisis in South Tipp General,” McGrath

South Tipp General Hospital


Independent TD Mattie McGrath has called on the HSE and the Minister for Health Leo Varadkar to immediately clarify the reasons why promised accommodation for Radiology Services at South Tipperary General Hospital has been consistently delayed. It has emerged that despite funding being approved to house a newly purchased CT Scanner in 2014, there is still no sign of construction work being undertaken:

“The provision of improved radiology services is certainly reaching a critical point and it must be addressed.

It is simply scandalous to realise that the current CT Scanner in South Tipp General has been in ‘temporary’ accommodation since 2002 and has already reached its end of life following numerous breakdowns.

I am informed that the current scanner now represents a major risk to the health and wellbeing of patients attending STGH such is the level of its disrepair.

The staff are now reduced to having to scramble for spare parts to keep the current CT scanner in operation.

This is simply outrageous.

It represents not only an unconscionable delay which is completely unjustifiable, but also an ad hoc approach to the lives of patients that is utterly unacceptable.

The proposed new accommodation for the updated CT Scanner which was supposed to be completed by November of this year now looks more and more like another goal that is being abandoned by the HSE for reasons which are inexplicable.

The patients of STGH deserve better than a radiology service than one which is essentially operating under the threat of constant mechanical failure,” concluded Deputy McGrath.