“Footpaths and Potholes top Tipperary County Council Claims Causes,” Mattie McGrath 


Independent TD Mattie McGrath has called on the Chief Executive of Tipperary County Council to provide greater clarification on how claims being pursued against the local authority may be impacting the delivery of services.

Deputy McGrath was speaking after he obtained information which verified that there are currently 519 Active Claims with 78 of these in the Potholes Category and 12 relating to the Footpath &Slip/Trip category for the first quarter of 2018 alone:

“I understand from the Council it pays annual premiums to IPB Insurance in respect of its various Policies. IPB in turn pay out the agreed claim amounts, including legal and other technical fees.

The Council also inform me that insofar as the number and amounts involved in the various claims can be kept down, this will have the effect of keeping premiums at a reasonable level.

However it is startling to read that the total liability cover for the Council currently stands at €31.5 million.

I understand that not all of this entire amount is related to claims made against the council for injuries that have been sustained. However, from 2015 to the first quarter of 2018, over €3.4. million in gross costs was issued to settle matters related to 149 Footpath related injury claims alone.

The breakdown of that is €630,726 for 2015, €1.093 million in 2016, €1.404 million in 2017 and €274,620 for the first quarter of this year.

Across that same period a further €101,630 was paid to settle Pothole Motor Damage Claims.

We need to know what measures are being taken to reduce these kinds of exposures since it clear that the more the Council has to pay in insurance premiums the less money it has for other services,” concluded Deputy McGrath.


Tipperary County Council Q1 2018



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