Discrimination of the over 66’s must end- McGrath


Independent TD Mattie McGrath has called on the government to immediately reverse their policy of discrimination against the over 66’s who are being left without any supports during the Covid 19 Pandemic.

Deputy McGrath has described the situation as ludicrous where the over 66’s contribution to society and the work force are being blatantly ignored by Government.

“So many of our over 66’s continue to contribute massively to society and work in a wide range of roles right across the work force and this contribution is being totally ignored by government as though they all just ride into the sunset upon turning 66.”

“It is absolutely ludicrous that this government can ignore their contribution to society and pretend as though they are not valuable members of the workforce, while they have spent the last number of years working to increase the pension age to keep them in the workforce for longer.”

“Many over 66’s continue to work as self employed whether they are barbers, farmers or shop keepers and so on. They have spent their entire working life paying taxes, many lost their entire pension savings in the economic crash or took on financial burdens to help out their families and they have had to continue working long past reaching pension age to be able to provide for themselves and now as we are in the midst of another major crisis, the government has left them once again to fend for themselves.”

“All other age groups and sectors of society who are working are receiving support from this government to make up for their loss of income during this pandemic but the over 66’s are being completely ignored simply because of their age. This decision is particularly galling when our older members of society are the most vulnerable to this virus and in many instances are not even allowed to leave their own homes. ”

“This in my view is blatant discrimination and I am calling on the government to immediately reverse this policy of discrimination. Our over 66’s provide valuable services and they deserve the same respect and recognition for their work and the same supports as everyone else who work in our economy.” Concluded Deputy McGrath

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