“Tipp GP’s being asked the impossible with free Under 6 care,” McGrath



Independent TD Mattie McGrath has said that he fully supports the vast majority of GP’s in Tipperary who are vigorously opposed to the introduction of the current model being proposed for free GP care for children under 6. Deputy McGrath was speaking as fears increase among GP’s that the Governments plans will result in a major destabilisation of local health services:

“The introduction of this legislation and subsequent contracts, according to GP’s the length and breadth of the Country will result in a catastrophic deterioration of services to the community.

I have never before witnessed this level of anxiety and genuine horror among GP’s over what this legislation is going to do in terms of reducing a struggling but functioning aspect of our health service to chaos.

There is simply no over-stating the damage this will do and people will feel that damage almost immediately; primarily through hugely increased waiting times.

I have been contacted by GP’s who estimate that on average they will have 120 less appointments to offer patients each week due to forced emigration of GP assistants who will not work under this draconian legislation.

We need a workable, non-coercive model of health care provision for children, not the imposition of a vote grabbing scheme that will benefit neither the community or the GP’s on whom it will depend for its success,” concluded Deputy McGrath.



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