“This Bill will restore eviction law in favour of families” McGrath


Independent TD Mattie McGrath will initiate a Private Member’s Bill in the Dáil today aimed at guaranteeing legal due process for families under threat of eviction or repossession. Deputy McGrath will introduce his Land and Conveyancing Law Reform Bill 2015 after the Order of Business:
“This Bill has one central aim; to assure families living under the shadow of eviction that their rights to legal due process will be confirmed and guaranteed irrespective of existing law to the contrary.
This Government, by enacting the Land and Conveyancing Law Reform Act 2013 said it was simply closing a legal loophole around evictions. It is my view that what they were actually doing was closing the noose ever tighter around families in serious financial and mortgage distress.
What my Bill aims to achieve is the extraction of a commitment from Government to the effect that they will not hide behind a strict legal interpretation where it is more important that justice is achieved for families.
The 2013 Act tipped the scales explicitly in favour of aggressive lenders pursuing what can only be described as ruthless debt collection policies.
With my own Bill I am determined that the balance is restored in favour of the borrower who is making genuine and determined commitments to repay existing mortgage debt,” concluded Deputy McGrath.

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  1. . . . Wish you every success Mattie and hope your Amendment gets the support of all fair-minded TD’s in Dáil Éireann including all or at least some of the 90 TD’s whi unwittingly supported the ‘Eviction Bill’ back in 2013.
    Time now for them to stand up and be counted.
    Brian Reilly
    Right2Homes | Co-Founder

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