“Supreme Court decision may one day be seen as the Irish Roe v Wade,” Mattie McGrath

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“Supreme Court decision may one day be seen as the Irish Roe v Wade,” Mattie McGrath


Independent TD Mattie McGrath has described the decision of the Supreme Court to reject a High Court finding that the unborn child enjoyed significant constitutional protections beyond the Eighth Amendment as an historic lost opportunity. Deputy McGrath was speaking after the 7 member Court found that the only protections that the unborn child enjoys are limited to the right to life contained in the Eighth Amendment and article 40.3.3 of the constitution: 

“The decision by the Supreme Court today was profoundly disturbing.

It has demonstrated with absolute clarity that the Eighth Amendment is now the only defence that the unborn child has against the arbitrary decisions of politicians to extent the grounds upon which an abortion may be obtained.

In light of that, the stakes could not be higher in terms of the need to retain Article 40.3.3.

I think that despite the unanimous decision of the Justices, there was actually no true justice contained in the courts judgment.

It has effectively put at nought the reality of the unborn child as a living breathing member of the human family that is uniquely vulnerable and open to attack.

While I do not believe that the Eighth Amendment will be repealed regardless of today’s decision, I do think that if the governments hostile, manipulative and aggressively pro-choice agenda is successfully perpetrated upon the people, then today may one be seen as the Irish equivalent of Roe V Wade.

That ‘historic’ decision of the American Supreme Court essentially shot down any possible constitutional protections and handed over to US state politicians the power of life and death over the unborn child.

The question we must ask ourselves now is do we really want to hand such power over to our political leaders and can we live with the consequences if we do?” concluded Deputy McGrath.



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