“South Tipp General rapidly moving toward full blown crisis mode,” McGrath

Independent TD Mattie McGrath has described the decision by management at South Tipperary General Hospital to cancel scheduled operations and refer patients to GP services as a clear sign that conditions at the hospital are deteriorating rapidly. Deputy McGrath was speaking as pressure continues to mount on the Hospital which over the last year has consistently experienced some of the highest national levels of patients on trolleys:

“The decision to cancel operations and refer patients to services away from the hospital is a deeply troubling indicator of where we are at the present time.

It is also a stark insight into the ongoing capacity of STGH to effectively respond to patient needs.

The staff are operating under conditions that would not be acceptable in any other line of work and as a result patients are being adversely affected and seriously inconvenienced to put it mildly.

Ahead of the Minister for Health’s visit on Monday we now have to seriously question why all the so called strategies that have put in place to deal with this crisis are yielding such poor results.

I would simply point to the fact that occasions such as this make it even more incomprehensible why the step down bed capacity that is available but unused at Our Lady’s in Cashel continues to persist.

It is clearly time to also review why at a time of such chronic dysfunction within the HSE that the rate of middle management continues to be as bloated as ever while the frontline nurses and midwives had to almost threaten strike to have basic pay increments restored.

This points to a serious deficit in priorities at the highest level of the HSE and it is something that the Minister must tackle head on if we are to make any progress in putting in place effective and enduring solutions to what is rapidly becoming a national disgrace,” concluded Deputy McGrath.



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  1. I’m all for opening up Our lady’s hospital in Cashel Mattie but where will the staff come from? South Tipp general hospital is severely understaffed and without pay restoration I don’t think there will be a hope of increasing staffing levels unfortunately

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