“Pro-Life Rally was an inspiring show of strength,” McGrath

prolife march


Independent TD Mattie McGrath has praised the tens of thousands of people who attended the All-Ireland Rally for Life which took place in Dublin City centre at the weekend. Deputy McGrath who spoke at the event said that the Rally was a clear indication of people’s unwillingness to passively accept the biased interpretation of the abortion debate, particularly as it is being mediated by vocal pro-choice activists seeking to remove all constitutional protection for the unborn child:

“The Rally itself was a great family event with people of all political persuasions and none coming together to continue to support this cause.

One of the main aims of the event was to challenge the dominant interpretation of the debate that is currently being promoted; which is that further liberalisation of the law is inevitable.

That is clearly not the case.

There is a massive constituency of people in this country who are as compassionate and as supportive as those on the pro-choice side, but who simply want to ensure that the life of the unborn child is not disregarded as utterly meaningless.

We were there to give a voice to the voiceless. That is all.

I was also surprised at how the media chose to interpret the numbers who attended.

Clearly there was a minimum twenty thousand people, but more likely it was nearer to thirty thousand.

Yet the figures I have seen reported averaged it at eight thousand.

This stands in telling contrast to the numbers who attended the recent anti-austerity demonstration in support of Greece.

I am reliably informed no more than 400 attended, yet it was reported that up two thousand people were present.

We need to ask serious questions about why this level of misrepresentation and deliberate distortion is occurring.

What have we to fear from the truth?” concluded Deputy McGrath.



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