“People Before Profit must condemn this vile attack on Rape Survivors Group,” Mattie McGrath

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“People Before Profit must condemn this vile attack on Rape Survivors Group,” Mattie McGrath


Independent TD Mattie McGrath has called on all members of the Oireachtas People Before Profit group to condemn the actions of its Trinity College Branch who publicly destroyed 32 posters advertising a tour of Unbroken Ireland. Unbroken Ireland is a group of rape survivors who have chosen to proceed with their pregnancies and who campaign to remove the stigma and taboo surrounding the debate on this issue. Deputy McGrath and Deputy Eamon O’Cuiv from Fianna Fail are facilitating a briefing from the group tomorrow, Thursday 28th at Leinster House:

“This attack on posters advertising a speaking tour of rape survivors is absolutely despicable.

It speaks to a disturbing and deeply undemocratic tendency that is already very evident especially from those on the ‘Pro-Choice’ side of the debate.

Clearly the people who did this are absolutely confident that their vandalism will go unchecked. What is also obvious is that by publicly posting the pictures they feel they have a free hand to attack anyone who does not subscribe to their own particular view.

I am appealing to the Oireachtas members to engage with their Trinity College Branch and rein in this kind of absurd and extremely insulting behaviour.

The women from Unbroken are only interested in creating a respectful dialogue on an aspect of the abortion debate that has largely taken place without hearing the voices of those who have actually been raped and yet have chosen not to abort their child.

Just quite what it is about that position that merits such a violent attack is beyond me” concluded Deputy McGrath.

“Given the adult nature of the language used by the group who removed the posters, I am not making their picture of it publicly available. However, if you wish to have the contents of the People Before Profit Trinity Branch post confirmed you can contact my Leinster House Office on 01-6184062”



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  1. Thanks Mr McGrath, I have contacted various media outlets to ask why these incidents have not been given prominence in their bulletins. I have sent notification of these despicable acts to various members of the Dail (no acknowledgement). I feel saddened for the HLI and the Life Institute whose protests seem to fall on deaf ears. Please keep up the good work.

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