“Over-due clamp down on unregistered private security personnel is to be welcomed,” Mattie McGrath, Michael Collins, Carol Nolan.

Independent TD’s Mattie McGrath, Michael Collins and Carol Nolan have said they welcome the decision of the Minister for Justice, Charlie Flanagan, to seek Cabinet approval aimed at amending the Private Security Services Act of 2004. The Independent TD’s say they had emphasised the need to introduce strict regulatory guidelines for unregistered security personnel when they met with representative of the Private Security Authority (PSA) in early February:

“We want to warmly welcome this decision by Minister Flanagan, which should finally result in some kind of sanctions for unregistered security personnel who have effectively been operating in a legislative free zone for many years now.

When we met the PSA in February along with Mr Jerry Beades, of the New Land League, we did so because of the flood of complaints we had been receiving from families and ordinary people who had experienced intimidation and persistent aggression from these unregulated operators.

That had to stop.

It is now absolutely clear that the Minister himself has accepted our original position: that the continued absence of strict registration and enforcement guidelines would be totally unacceptable.

The fact that he is now bringing the memo to Cabinet to seek approval also highlights another clear fact: that those people who are currently enforcing court orders were out of control.

At the end of this process, families, farmers and those in mortgage or repossession distress will hopefully be able to access the kind of state protection that should have been in place long before now.

That was our sole objective which thankfully, has now moved one step closer to becoming a reality,” the TD’s concluded.

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