“Outrageous expenses for Taoiseach’s Department include €25,383 on Tea and Water,” Mattie McGrath


Independent TD Mattie McGrath has called on the Taoiseach and his Department to explain how it can justify spending almost €97 thousand on newspapers and Tea/Coffee and Water in just one year, 2017. Deputy McGrath was speaking after he sought a detailed breakdown of the expenses incurred by the Taoiseach’s department: 

“The money that is being spent in some categories is absolutely staggering. They include €112,714.50 for Entertainment, €78,362 for Advertising and Photography and €257,006 for Foreign Air Travel Tickets.

If you dig a little deeper you find that Taoiseach Varadkar’s Department also spent almost €123,000 on Hotels during 2017.

What is deeply galling is that he admits in his reply to me that there was no expenditure incurred by his Department on value for money and policy reviews in 2017.

I think most people will disgusted by the scale of the spending that is going on for some of these categories of expenditure.

I also feel it will merely confirm many people of the view that the Taoiseach and indeed many of those around him are elitist and completely out of touch with the real world and the struggles they face trying their won expenses,” concluded Deputy McGrath.





  1. Disgusting behaviour of our corrupt politicians and government its high time that they got kicked out of office as they’re only looking after themselves and the elite rich

  2. It is an insult to people ‘s intelligence. What a utter disgrace that we have these exorbitant expenses and people lying on trollies and 2 euro 50 cent given to OAPs. And all our homeless people lying on the streets. Shameful but what can you expect from the elite in the country. Neither morals nor integrity.

  3. Thank you for the stand you are taking in the abortion
    Referendum. Stay strong and keep fighting for what you believe in. It’s too important to back down. Warm regards, John

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