“Minister Zappone’s abortion stance forces Departmental Audit member to resign,” Mattie McGrath 

Press Release


Independent TD Mattie McGrath has called on the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Katherine Zappone, to clarify if her controversial stance on abortion is impacting the work of her Department. Deputy McGrath was speaking after it emerged that a key member of the Department of Children and Youth Affairs Audit Committee has resigned due to what he perceives as the glaring contradiction of having a Minister for Children who is persistently advocating for the introduction of abortion without restriction as to reason:

“The resignation of John Pittock, who was a Managing Director in Deloitte, from the Department’s Audit Committee raises very serious questions for Minister Zappone.

Clearly the extreme nature of her views and her bizarre contention that the definition of ‘child’ does not extend to the unborn regardless of its gestational age, is causing problems within the Department.

We need clarification and certainty that Minister Zappone’s position on abortion and her readiness to deny fundamental rights to unborn children, despite being the Minister for Children, is not creating a conflict of interest in the operational running of her Department.

No State Department should be used as a platform to advance personal ideology. They are there to act in the best interests of all citizens and not simply to give preferential status to one particular point of view,” concluded Deputy McGrath.




  1. it’s the shame of this government to do nothing for the downtrodden,innocent and homeless in our society,and to have a minister for children’s affairs that’s is so staunch in giving the unborn no rights at all..it’s so preposterous..

  2. This is a scandal and has to be addressed. Clearly, this woman can not be a Minister for children while at the same time denying some children the right to life and campaigning for this while being paid by the taxpayers of this State. Of course, there is a major conflict here. How can we trust a Minister who on the one hand is supposed to be for the children’s best interest while campaigning for liberal abortion?

  3. Minister Zappone for a clever person I cannot see how or why you continue to fail to see that abortion is the killing of a human child . In very exceptional circumstances to save the life of its mother a baby’s life may have to be taken. I’m struggling just typing this so how can a good person allow this much less advocate it. Please please Minister re think your position for the sake of all these precious children.

  4. She should be made resign her post, she is not fit for the job and hadn’t got the best interests in mind for the Irish citizens

  5. It’s wrong to have a evil lady/As minister for Children when she advocates abortion she should go NOW, before we lose good people from the government because of her.

  6. Thank you Mattie for bringing this to public notice. I know John Pittock who is a man of the highest integrity. He has taken an honourable and principled stand where there is obviously contradiction between her role as Minister for Children and her personal ideology which denies the right to life of an unborn child.

  7. It is very worrying when we see any of our elected people supporting the infliction of the barbaric procedure of abortion on our women and Children. But to think we are paying a huge wage to a minister for children whose main aim is to end preborn children’s lives should be enough to mean that person receive on the spot expulsion from the position. May the good Lord intervene

  8. As usual very straightforward talking Mattie.
    Can you not teach some of the other cowardly wimps in the Dail to have a bit of backbone?
    Are they unteachable?

  9. I agree with these sentiments. I always thought that Minister Zappone’s extreme views on abortion would have absolutely precluded her from being a minister for children. This is yet another sign of the morally bankrupt conditions we live in

  10. From the moment of conception a baby becomes a member of the human race and with that status comes all human rights, the primary one being the right to life. It is our duty as humans to both morally and socially protect the lives of all, especially the most helpless, weakest and most vulnerable members of our human race. Please tell me what is more precious than a tiny little baby seeking warmth and shelter in its mothers womb while waiting to be born?

  11. She is unworthy of the position she holds. She should be dropped from the cabinet immediately and must not be allowed to use (abuse!) her position to influence a probable referendum on abortion.

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