“Minister Kelly’s Tipperary glory run is shameless,” McGrath

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Independent TD Mattie McGrath has said that there is serious disquiet emerging in South Tipperary over Minister Alan Kelly’s recent appropriation of political responsibility for several new announcements in the county. Deputy McGrath was speaking after community and local representatives expressed frustration at the actions of the Minister which have been viewed as arrogant and presumptuous by those connected to the events:

“While the Labour Party has a long established history in recent years of failing to accept responsibility for its actions, it now seems that Minister Kelly is also developing the knack of claiming political credit where little or none is due.

He announces bus shelters for Bansha, Monard and Limerick Junction as if that decision was not the direct outcome of years of representations being made by the communities involved.

I myself have asked on no less than six occasions for a bus shelter in Bansha and have been told on each occasion that funding was not available.

It seems peculiar that in the run up to an election suddenly funds and concern for these communities has magically emerged.

The Minister was also in Clonmel last week where he announced funding for the for the rejuvenation of a local Housing estate to address the social housing crisis, yet in the same week I had to accompany a homeless man to the Council for several hours only to be told that there was nothing that could be done for him due to lack of funds.

I am also aware in particular that the Minister descended on the opening of Ballingarry Secondary School like it was a divine right of his and that this has caused some upset in the area.

The last straw in terms of the Minister’s unjustified soaking up of political credit has been his decision to have the signing of the Formal Agreement between Tipperary County Council and the successful Tenderer of theCarrick-on-Suir to Clonmel Greenway project occur in Nenagh Civic Offices.

This is a deliberate break with established practice in a clear effort to shore up his North Tipperary profile, despite the fact that project entirely concerns areas in South Tipperary. .

Everyone is aware of this Minister’s penchant for arrogant pronouncements but this recent spate has been a cynical and disingenuous exercise in glory seeking even by the Labour Party’s own low standards,” concluded Deputy McGrath.



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