“Housing must keep pace with Tipperary’s expected population increase of 10,000,” McGrath

Independent TD Mattie McGrath has called on the Minister for the Environment Alan Kelly to ensure that Tipperary’s projected population growth is housingcounty over the next few years.
What worries me however is that in the Councils own projections, towns like Clonmel have a target population growth of a further seven thousand by 2022.
These projections also indicate that every region of the county bar Cashel is set to experience increased population growth adding almost another ten thousand to the overall county in the next seven years.
In light of all this, what is particularly disturbing is that In 2014 only 45 houses/apartments were delivered in housing schemes in the entire county, while only 170 individual houses were delivered.
This is the kind of stalled growth and lack of construction that must be countered at every available opportunity.
Since the Government introduced the Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) which transferred long-term housing from the Department of Social Protection to housing authorities, the need is even more urgent that the Council and other nominated bodies are fully supported.
It hardly needs to be said that if Irish Water were not on the receiving end of hundreds of millions from the local government fund then the prospect of effectively tackling this issue would be significantly enhanced!
In the end however, apart from the obvious social devastation that homelessness brings, the lack of funding commitments to our Housing Strategy will seriously impact the county’s economic development,” concluded Deputy McGrath.

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