“Confidence in the National Broadband Plan has suffered a potentially fatal hit,” Mattie McGrath


Independent TD Mattie McGrath has called on the Minister for Communications Denis Naughten to facilitate an immediate all party Oireachtas briefing following the withdrawal of eir from the National Broadband Plan (NBP) Procurement Process. Deputy McGrath went on to say that the people and businesses of rural Ireland are at their wits end due to the seeming endless series of delays to the ill-fated project:

“Every day of the week my office hears from families, schools, businesses, entrepreneurs and local representatives about the scandalously poor quality of our broadband provision.

It is absolutely unimaginable that the near non-existent and intermittent service would be tolerated in Dublin or anywhere else outside rural Ireland.

I genuinely do not think that there is sufficient awareness in government of the scale of the problems this creating not only a daily level, but also in terms of trying to progress regional and industrial development.

What business is going to locate in an area that cannot access even basic services like a decent speed broadband system.

The withdrawal of eir has clearly highlighted fundamental and systemic obstacles that this government is doing nothing to address.

The Minister needs to urgently clarify just what is going on because at present people are sick to the back teeth of these delays,” concluded Deputy McGrath.


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