“Clonmel needs Charles Bianconi’s entrepreneur spirit,” McGrath


Independent TD Mattie McGrath has added his support to events commemorating the 200th Anniversary of Charles Bianconi’s first horse-drawn carriage service which took passengers from Clonmel to Cahir on July 6th, 1815. Deputy McGrath also said the occasion is a magnificent opportunity to refocus attention on the Clonmel’s need for an innovative and entrepreneuring spirit:

“It is amazing to think that Ireland’s transport revolution began in our own town of Clonmel almost 200 years ago under the guidance of the extraordinary figure of Charles Bianconi.

We should all be proud of the great heritage that he has left us as well as the example of his ingenuity in encouraging transformative ventures in our county.

In recent weeks we have seen the need for a clear commitment toward realising great vision in very practical ways as part of our efforts to grow the economy of the locality and maintain employment into the future.

On the 200th Anniversary of Bianconi’s first trip I hope that everyone with an imaginative vision for our town and county can have their voice heard; that would be a worthy contribution to this great man’s legacy,” concluded Deputy McGrath.


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