“Cervical Screening Helpline delays totally and utterly unacceptable,” Mattie McGrath

Press Release


Independent TD Mattie McGrath has called on the Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar, and the Minister for Health, Simon Harris, to immediately investigate what is causing the ongoing delays surrounding response times from the HSE Cervical Check Helpline. Deputy McGrath raised the matter during the Order of Business where he highlighted the case of members of a Tipperary family who lost their sister to cervical cancer in 2014 and who are still awaiting a call back from the helpline: 

“We know that since April, there have been almost 24 thousand calls to the Helpline with less than half of those being returned.

For the families I am dealing with in Tipperary the delays are absolutely infuriating. They simply cannot comprehend why it is that despite all the rhetoric of the Taoiseach and the Minister, the delays seem to go and on and on.

The Helpline delays are undermining every bit of confidence we are supposed to have in the government’s response to this scandal.

Entire families are now left experiencing huge levels of uncertainty and anxiety because they cannot get the kind of clarity that they deserve.

We need far more direct involvement and a commitment to provide whatever resources are necessary to get these delays in response times down.

Anything less is completely unacceptable,” concluded Deputy McGrath.



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