“Central plank of proposed abortion regime receives a near fatal blow from GP’s,” Mattie McGrath

Press Release


Independent TD Mattie McGrath has called on the Minister for Health, Simon Harris, to postpone the scheduled debate on the repeal of the Eighth Amendment referendum bill after a poll of General Practitioners found that two thirds of those asked stated that they will refuse to comply with government proposals to designate them as lead providers for abortion ‘services.’ Deputy McGrath was speaking after the Irish Independent newspaper reported that nearly seven in 10 of the 497 GPs who voted in a closed doctors’ forum said they would not be involved in medical abortions.

“By any fair standard this is a devastating and potentially fatal blow to a central feature of the government’s and the Joint Committee’s plan on how it wanted to roll out unrestricted abortion access up to 12 weeks.

It also demonstrates the absurdity of the claims that were made by the Chairperson of the Joint Committee on the Eighth Amendment that they could not find a single GP opposed to the repeal of article 40.3.3.

If the Minister does indeed decide to proceed with the plan to introduce legislation, it will be a case of him doing so while knowing with clear certainty that it will be practically impossible to implement given the scale of opposition to it by GP’s.

This is crippling political embarrassment for Minister Harris and all those whose only intent is to foist an unrestricted abortion regime upon the people.

Serious consideration must now be given to scrapping the proposed debate in light of the inherent unworkability of the proposals that have now been clearly exposed.

The only other option is for the likes of private, profit driven UK abortion providers with appalling health records to set up shop here. If that is what the Minister wants then he should have the guts to say so,” concluded Deputy McGrath.



  1. Thank goodness Medical Doctors have the moral courage to regect the proposed legislation. It would be unworkable without their corporation. Well said minister Mc Grath and good luck in the coming days and weeks we need more like you.

  2. Good on them. If they spend the 20 million on educating young boys and girls on how to manage their bodies through education, it would be money well spent plus the cost of those”legal” abortions every year into housing the homeless families, homeless through no fault of their own, my faith would be restored somewhat in our pitiful politicians,..

  3. This has smelled rotten from the beginning but somebody is intent on pushing it through and ignoring the true facts.

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