“Budget giveaway exposed as botched electioneering,” McGrath

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Independent TD Mattie McGrath has welcomed the latest Fiscal Assessment Report from the Irish Fiscal Advisory Council. The June Report has heavily criticised key elements of the Department of Finances budgetary strategy as failing to provide any kind of meaningful safeguards against a return to the boom-bust cycle:

“Over the last number of months this Government as part of its pre-election rhetoric has consistently trotted out the line that anything less than a return to power for the coalition parties would represent an attack on the stability of the economy.

What this Report clearly and unambiguously demonstrates however is the Government, and in particular the Department of Finance, have in fact abandoned any pretence of achieving medium term stability in a panicked attempt to woo an unimpressed electorate.

From here on in any attempt by Fine Gael and Labour to represent themselves as ‘a safe pair of hands’ simply cannot be borne out by a critical analysis of current policy.

Minister Noonan has worked hard to present himself as a calm and detached master of the nation’s purse strings; an image that is now seen to be just another political sham given that he is overseeing the policies which have been so savagely attacked in this Report.

I have every confidence that the people will recognise the sober judgements of the Fiscal Council as a prudent antidote to Government spin and botched electioneering,” concluded Deputy McGrath.



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