“Abortion interventions creating a climate of despair,” McGrath


Independent TD Mattie McGrath has called on the Taoiseach Enda Kenny and Senior Fine Gael Ministers to clarify exactly what are the intentions of the main Government party with respect to calls for the repeal of the Eight Amendment. Deputy McGrath was speaking after three senior ministers this week proclaimed their support for the need to re-examine or delete the amendment which guarantees protection for the life of the mother and her unborn child:
“My major concern here is that in all the talk of removing the Eight, there has been a complete absence of any mechanism which proposes to even acknowledge the life of the unborn child at the constitutional level.
The advocacy groups who are pushing this agenda such as Amnesty Ireland have betrayed a terrifying reluctance to even admit that this is a legitimate area of concern.
There is a palpable sense that the whole debate is already being manipulated and dragged toward a pre-ordained end; that of unlimited abortion without any kind of legislative restraint.
The fact that the most recent polls show an ever decreasing margin of support for this kind of approach is brushed aside as irrelevant.
What is equally frightening however is the atmosphere of complete despair that is being generated by those ministers who have spoken out.
There has been a total focus on abortion as the only viable option to a crisis pregnancy to the total exclusion of options like peri-natal care hospices or other support services.
This is not the way to help women in crisis pregnancies; by telling them that ending the life of their child is the only way forward.
To that extent the drive for removing the Eight Amendment represents a narrowing of ‘choice’ which is deeply ironic,” concluded Deputy McGrath.

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