“A No Vote will create space for compassionate compromise,” McGrath


Independent TD Mattie McGrath has said that a successful No Vote in Friday’s same sex marriage referendum will allow for a more appropriate resolution of the contentious issues at the heart of the recent debate. Deputy McGrath went on to say that the Government’s arrogant disregard of proper Oireachtas procedure has generated real concern among many people that the matter was being rushed into with a dizzying and unnecessary speed:

“While I believe that the majority of people voting No are doing so because they have been convinced of the arguments presented by the No Campaign, I also think that there is a sizeable constituency of people who simply want the Government to address this matter in a manner befitting its gravity.

The fact there has not even been a Green Paper, a White Paper, a Committee debate or Oireachtas debate is simply staggering.

The Tánaiste who has already admitted that surrogacy is such a complex area that it will require and demand all of these things, says at the same time that she is unwilling to support a fairly basic call to have the issue of marriage and the constitutional understanding of the family addressed in the same way?

Rightly or wrongly, the concern that is clearly generated by such a haughty dismissal is that there is another agenda at play here; an agenda that the Government are adamant will not be subjected to large scale public scrutiny.

What have we ever lost by careful and balanced deliberation?

Those of us on the No side have said time and again that we can put all our creative resources into establishing a means to offer constitutional protection to same sex couple without incurring the disastrous consequences that will flow from altering Article 41 in the manner that is being proposed.

Unfortunately however it is a proposal that has been consistently ignored, while the proposal to introduce same sex marriage on the back of a mere 79 votes from the constitutional convention has been given the full weight of the apparatus of Government to carry it through ,” concluded Deputy McGrath.



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