“Legal Services Regulatory Authority crammed with legal insiders,” McGrath 



Independent TD Mattie McGrath has heavily criticised the proposed composition of the new Legal Services Regulatory Authority Board. Deputy McGrath was speaking after the Minister for Justice and Equality confirmed that five of the ten members Board will come from organisations like the Bar Council, The Law Society and The Honorable Society of King’s Inn:

“After years of endless debate and clashes with the vested interests of the legal profession the government has decided to sanction an ‘oversight board’ that is comprised of legal insiders.

This has all the marks of a quango that will be a regulatory authority in name only.

Surely the Minister and the government must have foreseen that this will inevitably lead to accusations that the legal services are having their cake and eating it.

They only submitted to a regulatory framework after intense pressure and we now KNOW why; because the regulatory authority will be toothless and ineffectual.

We need to urgently reconsider the composition of this Board in order to ensure that proper independent monitoring functions can take place; the public deserves nothing less” concluded Deputy McGrath.



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