“Government Department’s now treating National Children’s Hospital as a poisoned chalice,” Mattie McGrath 


Independent TD Mattie McGrath has launched a scathing attack on the unwillingness of Government Departments to effectively come to grips with the skyrocketing costs associated with the National Children’s Hospital at St James. Deputy McGrath was speaking after a Priority Oral Question he had submitted on the matter of costs was explicitly refused by the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform:

“It is now absolutely clear that a tragedy of generational significance is unfolding before our eyes with respect to the National Children’s Hospital.

I asked the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform to provide the details of all moneys provided by the State toward the development of a national paediatric hospital since 2006, including all costs associated with development such as design, planning, land acquisition, consultation, media and public relations, board payments, bonuses and so on; and if approvals have been sought for an increase in the original estimate for the current National Children’s Hospital project.

That is a question that the Minister and his Department saw fit to reject for reasons that are absolutely baffling, especially when one considers that the Department’s ‘Mission Statement’ is: To serve the country, its people and the Government by delivering well-managed and well-targeted public spending, through modernised, effective and accountable public services.

All of this clearly speaks to a growing and visible reluctance for anyone in government circles to take responsibility for this project.

The attitude is very much; ‘just get it done and be damned with the costs, we can always put it down to inflation increases plucked from thin air.’

What was supposed to be dream project for the children of Ireland has descended into a political and economic nightmare.

Why has the Minister and the Department distanced itself from this issue? Why is there no political accountability for a project which the dogs on the street can see is going to lead to extremely adverse medical outcomes and totally avoidable deaths,” concluded Deputy McGrath.




  1. It’s disheartening and disgusting to say the least. My niece (lives in Mayo) is an outpatient with Temple Street and sadly will be in and out of hospital all her life so the new hospital location will have an impact on our family. I have played a small part in the Connolly for Kids campaign and it defies logic that St. James’s was chosen as the location for new Children’s Hospital.
    Keep up the good work Mattie

  2. I fully agree with you mattie. I would love to know who’s palms were greased in order for the hospital to be built in st . James,s , totally impractical, traffic a nightmare, no parking, how in the name of god do they think st . James’s is practical , now blanchardstown would be ideal, off the M50 lots of land. No contest. I am furious as a tax payer all my working life of 49 years with yet another corrupt decision by the government in Ireland. The government obviously think the taxpayers of Ireland are thicks.

  3. This is a disgraceful position for this Dept to adopt but sadly typical of this governments attitude to the insane decision to build in St.James’s.Obviously they don’t give a damn how much the hospital costs or how unsuitable this site is. Connolly offers an infinitely better site at half the cost but as long as their decision doesn’t affect their overinflated salaries or pensions it doesn’t concern them.If ever any of them are ever unfortunate enough to need to use the Children’s Hospital only then will they realise the madness of what they are proposing.

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